Dome Nootropic Supplements

Use neuroscience-backed ingredients to optimise your neurochemistry and be your best self every day

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Caffeine boosts brain function and improves focus, but it can negatively affect your sleep quality.

You should consider your caffeine tolerance and at what time of the day you intend to take Dome.

Each serving of caffeinated Dome contains 80mg of caffeine, less than a cup of coffee.


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Do you remember the days when you felt like the best version of yourself -- focussed, motivated, and ready to take on the world? What if you can feel like that every day?

You can if you take control of your brain.

Dome's nootropic supplements use neuroscience-backed ingredients to optimise your neurotransmitters and activate the best state of your brain. Unlike coffee and stimulants, Dome's nootropics will not only give you a quick boost but also benefit your brain in the long term by promoting neurogenesis.


Botanical extracts:
- Gingko biloba: 3000mg
- Maca root: 1500mg
- Bacopa monnieri: 150mg
- Lion's mane mushroom: 150mg
- L-theanine from green tea: 25mg
- Theobromine from cocoa seeds: 1.5mg
- Huperzine A from Huperzia serrata: 50μg

Organic and inorganic compounds:
- Alpha GPC: 200mg
- Caffeine: 80mg (only in the caffeinated option)
- L-taurine: 100mg
- Tyrosine: 37.5mg
- Potassium iodide: 150μg

Vitamins and minerals:
- B1: 25mg
- B3: 8mg
- B5: 3mg
- B6: 3.5mg
- B12: 12.5μg
- E: 3mg
- Iron: 10mg
- Zinc: 2.5mg

Directions for us

Take 3 tablets per day, preferably in the morning. Take additional tablets as needed: during the afternoon slump, before an interview, before an exam... Do not exceed 6 tablets in a 24-hour period.